MC Plays | Season 2 | Ep 8 Flyer to Share :) Ft Asterios Papasmatakis & DJ Moocha

Hello Musicoin Team!

MC Plays will be LIVE this Sunday with amazing very special guests - our very own Musicoin Global Ambassador Asterios Papasmatakis & DJ Moocha, DJ/Producer doing great work in Uganda with local African artists.

Please be sure to share the flyer (and link to subscribe to Musicoin TV - for promotion on all official Musicoin social media & your own pages as well if you can.


Let’s help Musicoin TV grow together 🙂

We appreciate everyone’s help!

See you all LIVE on Sunday @2pm EST




Magnificent guest perspective, @Elena-Mendez !

I even fear a sole MC Plays broadcast will allow to scratch the surface only of @Asterios-Papastamatakis and DJ Moocha’s musical and human experiences 😄


Thank you very much elena 🙂 shared it already in 6 different profiles of mine from here… i hope this starts to generate traffic to the forum 🙂


@ijatz-guatemala I know so much talent in one place! We can invite them on our IG livestreams too or as repeat guests on a Season 3 episode (which I am very hopeful for) ☺


@asterios-papastamatakis Thank you so much! Love and appreciate the teamwork 💪


MC Plays is LIVE NOW!!! Please join us & share the link 🙂


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