I am in preparation for my second full length record and am creating demos as they come to me. I invite you to view my progress.

“Pretty” was created as an experiment using the Garageband App on my phone. Little did i know this would be the start of something special known as the 2018 Demo Series.

I present the first track in this series to you. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you

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@zeljko-stanojkovski I’m very glad to hear. Greetings from Austin.


Very nice stuff. Clean and bright recording. Seems like acoustic guitar day here. Just today I introduced a fantastic fingerstyle player from Moscow - Ilya Truhanov. If you like fingerstyle, I guarantee you’ll love Ilya!

Check this out:

@stevee Listening now. Very Nice!!! Thank you for the recommendation.

For those interested, I made a little music video for the song and you can view that by clicking below!

Thank you for the attention!

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