Musicoin Musings: new podcast by STEVEE

Re: Welcome to the new Podcast channel

I have just launched a podcast called Musicoin Musings, in which funnily enough I muse on things Musicoin! You can tune into the launch podcast at

In future podcasts I want to feature Musicoin musicians by talking about them and playing a short burst of their music. In a 2.5 minute podcast I obviously can’t play the whole song but will direct listeners to check it out on Musicoin.


Marvelous initiative @stevee! 🙂

A suggestion: what do you think of uploading it directly on Musicoin, both for us to reward your creativity and to avoid allowing “TheyTube” to erase it whenever the want 😉


Sorry, I forgot to give the Musicoin url of the first podcast I did:

As ambassador in Russia, I put it on my MusicoinRussia page.

I also put it on DSound. Kind of strange platform in that tracks just disappear after a while, but it’s okay for a podcast! Maybe I should out the video version on DTube?


Hey stevee, moving this discussion to “Musicoin in the Media”, thanks!


Thanks! Sorry if I put in the wrong slot!


Musicoin Musings#2 is out now on that big video site that hates us!)))

Rock on!


@stevee said in Musicoin Musings: new podcast by STEVEE:

@vg-0 BTW I don’t seem to have one of those natty blue ambassador labels? I

@stevee, if you go to edit profile in the forum search for an option that says “group title” See if you have the option to choose the ambassadors group. If not I think @niuQuin can help with that.


@soundphaser Cool. Thanks for putting me right! I got a nice new shiny blue label! Rock on…

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