account is unverified

Hello! Mu account is unverified, but I linked bandcamp page, facebook and etc? our website

It happened to us yesterday its just a glitch support helped me get it back i had to log out of the browser that said that and re log back in and re verify thought socal media but to do that you need to log out of the brower that said you are un verified i sent an email to support they helped me out


Hello @cd, I’m here to help with verification. ☺
Verification requests are being processed within 24h after your first track upload. If we need something more you will be notified through email. 🎵

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@Peter-ella this is something different, but thanks for wanting to help ☺

Sorry guys, I have deleted the track I uploaded, it was intro… I thought I could upload all my album. Then I catched that I could not upload all the album and could upload only one track. So I deleted it and tried to upload the main track “beyond the memory of the world”. But could not do this receiving the message “your account is unverified”…


@cd Yes, that’s normal. Only one track can be uploaded before the profile is verified.
Your profile is verified. 🙂

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