ideas on followers and following

On the musicoin platform i think it should be a nice idea to add on the public profile also the number of how many people the artist is following… and if possible as a next step the ability to click on ‘’followers’’ and ‘’following’’ so somebody can see who is following who.
what do you guys think…??

I think that should have been one of the early features from the start. How are you supposed to interact with your followers if you don’t know who they are?

And what we think? It should be a long time ago. (As well as many other things that should, but what’s not here.) Everything is very slooooow.


Heellooo @maelstrohmblack, how are you Musicoining? 🙂 I agree with you; nevertheless there’s already - and it has been so from day 1 of - a display, for each artist, of whom are following her or him, cause it appears amongst the songs comments (for example: “Ijatz is now following Maelstrohmblack”). What can now be added, and it’s @Asterios-Papastamatakis proposal, is a “one click sum up” of all current followers;

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@ovo-vibe I partially agree, it all depends on your reference benchmark 🙂 A “crash quizz” about it: In which year was founded Spotify? (the most similar to Musicoin platform, only that for remunerating the intermediaries 10 times more than the artists).

Tic, toc, tic, toc…

A guess?


They needed 12 years to build a dollars-based, highly centralized, Warner/Sony/Universal records companies dependent spying machine, without even trying to form and empower an autonomous community 😛

Let’s talk again about this topic in December this year, after the launch of Musicoin 2.0 🙂

@ijatz-guatemala $1000000000 answer
yep, I’m waiting for December too

at the moment I’m little uneasy about coin price, but Bitcoin at the start (when men could mine it on CPU) costed 0 or nothing, and now we have 6k more

so I sit on bench of patience and wait for mobile App, Volareo speaker and new Web App


Absolutely @metkraming! The whole “Musicoinomy” is one of the best grounded we can find in the cryptoworld, with only a couple coins (STEEM being one of them, and ENJ in a near future) registering more on chain transactions per day, and in Musicoin’s case those transactions reflect thousands and thousands of interactions between human beings (artists and listeners), interactions which themselves facilitate more artistic and social creative processes… and all that without asking any payment to the listeners! The underlying coin (the $Music) is condemned to succeed 😄

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