Volareo speaker is here....

Do you want your free Volareo? You can also order +1 for those you know and want one.
Here is how the procedure will be:
If you have an account on Indiegogo.com great if you do not have an account, open one.
Set up your payment info etc. ready to order.
Give us your name, email, Musicoin account name / wallet and Indiegogo account, also same info from the person you know that wants one Volareo.
We’ll wire you the funds in $MUSIC before the launch so you / all are assured.
When the Volareo in Indiegogo goes live on 15 August, you go on Indiegogo and order one with a credit card.
Any questions, just ask. Have a good one.

it is a great concept , but it is something that i do not want , i wish it great success !

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