Change profile photo on Musicoin artist page

Well Im new on this platform so, I want to change my profile photo and in the default pic says (clic here to change profile photo) then I clic but nothing happens

@rjc Your right, the cover photo changes but not the profile. It’s just a bug, they’re doing some fixes right now for the login authentication and whatever else, shouldn’t be too long before it’s fixed.

Right on, I am having the same issue. I will check back in the morning and try again. Just uploaded my first song The Mic’s my Lightsaber from my debut album The Hex Wrecker, and am awaiting account verification. I have also linked my FB account & artist account to show who I am.


@elamental hello is your account verified ?? whats your account in the musicoin platform? paste it here if you can and ill see that your verified 🙂


@dublindj hello do you have any issue with the forum ?


@elamental everything is ok… i see you are verified 🙂 if you have any issues or want help with anything regarding the forum or the platform please ask 🙂

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