Straight up don’t understand why there are bots…
Certainly don’t understand how there are Verified bot accounts.

i am not sure what a bots is we just make music what is a bots


Hello again @lazzylung!

Well it’s supposed there’s no “robotic artist” on our platform, haha. Could you share the link to the profile you suspect to be one of that kind?

@Zeljko-Stanojkovski , have you seen this question?

UBI$MUSIC (verified account btw)

"Bot for $MUSIC blockchain. My Operations are only based on system and marketing needs. Please do not chat nor tip me. 😄 "


@lazzylung said in WHY ARE THERE BOTS ON $MUSIC:


Aaah yes, you’re right! I confess I hadn’t looked at his/its profile, haha. As you can see in UBI$MUSIC’s feed, its task is to distribute $MUSIC to certain artists (notably the “Artist of the Week” winners).

I guess it’s meant to manage a tiny portion of the UBI daily revenues (50 $MUSIC out of the 314 each Musicoin block contains, i.e. 50 $MUSIC every 14 seconds!) to support artists who haven’t been rewarded enough on the platform.

It’d be interesting to know what parameters its algorithm is based on 🙂

UBI$music’s legit, it’s basically the Musicoin banks bot account, it gave me like 100 Musicoins when I first joined.

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