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Hello All,

I am a bit of a new comer here - noticed there’s no way to create albums / compile tracks that are part of the same Record. I’d Like to add more tags than the given options.
Will there be user generated tags other than ( Genre)

Cheers -


yep that would be great


Hello @lazzylung, welcome to the MusiCommunity and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

Thanks for these suggestions, I’m sure @Cxxxv-Opera will be interested in integrating them in the ongoing user interface improvement process.

By the way, I see you live in Beyrouth. Parles-tu francais ? 😛

Yes i am based out of Beirut - but unfortunately am not french educated.
Je suis Desole.

Hope that it comes around soon!

Musicoin’s still in Beta, I’m sure all those features will be available when it’s done. There’s a lot to Blockchain programming, I’m thinkin about takin’ some courses myself for some ideas I have.

Not sure if you’ve noticed but you’re free to type anything in the genre tags, not just pick from the list. Your “genres” show on the track itself, and become clickable/searchable. I would be a bit careful though since you currently can’t edit the track info at all once they’re posted.

@jinxrlm No you can edit the tags after you’ve released the track, I’ve done it a lot. You just go to your profile and in the dropdown menu on your track click edit license.

Hello, @LazzyLung and all Musicoinners. You are welcome 🤝 🙂
For your information, all the functions you are talking about are currently in development phase, because we are preparing a new, totally redesigned version of the musicoin web application, Mobile app, website etc… A lot of things will change radically. For the web app (that mean musicoin artists profiles, player etc) this will be in focus and release between October and the end of the year. After the release of the mobile application that is scheduled to go out officially in October and that is our sprint of the moment… It’s for that these last days sometime it gives the impression that nothing moves or that nobody sees your messages don’t worry is a false impression because we see everything, record all your good ideas and work in the shadows on this new versions of all app’s.
Only we are really a small team still, so it is difficult to answer everyone (our team is also growing).
The Ambassadors is here too for monitor and call us if needed. So don’t hesitate to call them if you have question about something. (Thanks @Ijatz-Guatemala for the call ✌ )

Thank you for your participation, patience and support.
Know that all your ideas make musicoin what it is, so continu to feedback we really appreciate.
Have a good day everyone
musically.🎹 🎼 🎤

Musicoin team-design leader & Product manager.


@brendan keep up the good work man… we are all expecting good things from the team and we are patient and have faith on the musicoin project as it is the best thing happening for musicians and music right now… 🙂 🙂

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