Suggestion for Musicoin Updates on Blockfolio

Hi Musicoin team,

I have a suggestion that you contact Blockfolio, which is a Crypto Portfolio management app. They have a feature called “Signal” with the sole purpose of updating those who have interest in the coin/platform/project.

I’ve seen throughout the forums that there have been concerns around the communication side of it but please have a weekly update or bi-weekly update on progress/developments on there. This will certainly raise the profile of the platform and help quell the concerns that those in these forum have had.

Looking forward to hearing back from you



Agree. I think it could be a nice feature. I know quite a few people that use Blockfolio.

And more people will look in to this app as cryptocurrencies become more mainstream in years to come. As Musicoin is already on the app, you should have something happening now and over time. It will definitely help the image of the project in my opinion but that’s of course up to the owners - I’m just a user 🙂

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