Vote for artist of the week- [WEEK 28]!

@cris-horta Many thanks Cris, much appreciated!!! 😄

Hey guys. I hope I’m doing this right. Wasn’t sure how to vote as it says select on the artist and hit the vote button, but it doesn’t show me if my vote has been counted or verified. I voted for @Stevee but just wanted to make sure my vote was properly casted. It seems the way to vote as changed since the last time i voted.

@rajaee-grey Hi, you can check the votes on the right side of the poll, click on “votes”, @Stevee is gonna be happy. 🚀

i voted for stevee , i am into proper songs and he is a master songwriter

I think I voted but couldn’t see the button! Stevee gets my vote - top musician 🙂

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