I’m trying out the Musicoin Wallet for the first time. I have just attempted to send 3 Musicoin from my web wallet to the desktop, to test. I then got the following email with the URL to confirm the transaction:

0_1532077846142_Screen Shot-musicoin.png

Having clicked the URL, I got either taken to an error page, my profile page, or a login page. I tried this on mobile and desktop (chrome). I never saw a confirmation notification/page. Because of this, I ended up clicking the URL 5 times. What ended up happening is that instead of sending 3 Musicoin, I ended up sending 15 Musicoin. I don’t mind having 15 Musicoin in my desktop wallet now, but surely the confirmation URL should only work once and not multiple times?

I now imagine I could sit here and click the URL all day long and send all my Musicoin from the web wallet to my desktop wallet. From a security perspective, this worries me. Can this be fixed? This bypasses the process of logging into my Musicoin.org account and creating a new transaction. If a computer (with the wallet) and emails (with the transaction confirmation URL) are compromised, then Musicoin can be withdrawn without access to the Musicoin account.

Thanks, team!

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