How to edit tags on uploaded songs ?

how can I edit tags on songs I uploaded ?


i dont see any way of editing the tags after upload only genres by clicking the edit button… i dont know if there is onother way… @Zeljko-Stanojkovski


@hzdecvuvcZccCd Go to track page, click on “license details”(on the left side), then click on “edit” and you will see the window in which you are able to change desired data.
Updating lasts roughly 1-2 min so don’t be confused if it’s not instantly changed. ☺

To clarify why I’m asking…
On my latest track ( a tag called ‘Germany’ appeared somehow. I’m not aware that I put it there myself and I find it rather strange, that’s why I want to edit / delete it.
I’ve already tried to click on license details -> edit but I don’t see any way to edit that tag there (did I miss it ?). Only name, metadata, description and shares.

Oh, being quite new here, I now see every track seems to get that ‘Location tag’ automatically. Well then…

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