Unable to upload a song.


I’ve uploaded quite a few songs in the past.
I have been trying for days to upload an mp3 using the same method (and the only one that I’m aware of)
that i have used in the past.
I fill out the forms, add info and press release.
After several minutes I receive an error that says, "Unable to upload at this time. Try again later."
Any thoughts on what may be going on.
I’m not doing anything different than what I’ve done sucessfully in the past.

  • Tom

Hello @tom-balistreri, and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

In technical cases such as this one, the “skilled Musicoiners” use to be @vg and @Zeljko-Stanojkovski. Don’t hesitate in tagging them in any future message.

And thanks a lot for your feedback! Not only do you allow us (the whole Musicoin community) to improve the platform (and, ultimately, our blockchain), you also give us the opportunity to discover your art (yes, I confess I hadn’t listened yet to your tunes, before your message 😛 ).

Have a marvelous Musicoin journey!


Hello @Tom-Balistreri , can you please clear your browsing history and try to upload it after that?

Thank you.
I tried that with the same result.
I’ll keep trying.

It happened to me a couple of times too, usually refreshing the page a few times did the trick or leaving the site and coming back again. But other than that it was probably just clearing Cache/Cookies/Browser history like Zeljko said.

If none of that works you can try from different browsers. Zeljko’s admin so if you trust him with it you could always ask him or another user that you actually know you can trust if you can send them the mp3 and form information so they can they upload it for you, you can transfer your Musicoins to a desktop wallet or wherever your wallet is first in case your worried about them being messed with.

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