Re-sort the order of our releases on our musician profile page

Musicians need to be able to re-order the tracks on their profile page. Many of us started with our latest track and have been uploading our back catalogue which is now first in the list which is not ideal. Thanks!

@gjart playlists should solve that problem.

Agreed! This thing is needed. So is the ability to compile albums into a playlist. That would be really helpful.

Yes, we certainly need this thing, along with artist name with album uploading, so it can function better from a label perspective. Ive only uploaded last years releases (my personal ones) and already it’s becoming intense. When i start going through my labels releases its going to get insane.


Agreed. Our most popular track is now way down the list and I always notice the latest track getting the most attention, which as you say is usually a back catalogue track.

I agree - I added my album track by track - it’s now upside down so the play order is all wrong.

@gjart agreed it would be nice to re-order things

I agree this would benefit everyone

definitely one of the most urgent issues…

I’m looking for the same thing, this is mandatory for us musicians. Let’s hope someone see this thread and take actions.

Was wondering about this myself and came here to post about it but i see its already been brought up. The ability to reorder is needed and also to allow us to add releases to albums instead of a random listing of releases.

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