Welcome to Musicoin Tutorial? Where?

WHERE is the Welcome Tutorial?
What is your take ($) on every dollar verses your give and withdraw (fine / fee / interest /penalty / reward )?
Other platforms compare to this ratio how?
Where am I —> landing page? Basics of Site navigation?
How to begin?
How to build?
How to NOT end up with poo on your lips just to get views/listens?
Who are you?
How does this NOT work?
What is the long rang goal to serve the art of music by humans not fame or celebrity whor**? How about Listeners ONLY __ Peoples’ Choice?
How About peer to peer cross-genre (Not Yours) Artists Choice?
How about Musicion Originals for new artists on no other (Pennies per million) streaming site?
Most under apprecieted Artist. Staff Picks?
HOW ABOUT: Tough Love Requests:Originality / Lyrics / Composition / etcetera (i.e., I am asking and I will not kill myself)?
When will you sell us all out? OUCH!
Will you build this and hand it over to the people who made it, or sell us into slavery and cash out like Soundcloud and …, and …, and …, and … did? Or … (so, is this going to end up just another “Illumisnotti Controlled-Artists-R-Us Music” Site)? – Seriously now: Are you an algorithm-numbers-results-cash-taker screw-the-pooch and you really don’t care at all about people, art, critical thought, and genuine raw talent getting exposure, not exploited?

Thank you! (REMEMBER THE RULES HERE. Have fun but be nice and play fair)
This is not directed AT anyone. They are questions with a bit a fun! Dear Musicoin, You are WELCOME. Would you be so kind as to PLEASE show your thanks via $?

(Google me if you like (I’m just a word artist at heart) or if you find me on FB, please say you came from here) I just got here and there’s no content yet. CLUE: I’m diverse, and I’m not an entertainer; wether that entertains you or not is your gift and free choice ( I’ll most likely not commit … if you hate on me) Love love, C.C. Arshagra

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Heelllooo @C-C-Arshagra , welcome to our Musecosystem, and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

Actually I’m not sure we have a “welcome tutorial”, beyond what you may (and probably have 😉 ) read on the main page (https://musicoin.org) before creating your profile.

Musicoin is - unlike many “cryptoprojects” - a universe of sensibilities and a solidarious community which at some point decided to materialize through a cryptocurrency their thirst for Justice among artists.

Therefore, answering three of your questions (“How to begin? /
How to build? /
How to NOT end up with poo on your lips just to get views/listens?”), I’d say: cooperate, cooperate, and dream / laugh / propose with us… Here the network is not a means only, it’s our goal and our horizon too.

Let’s begin with following each other 😄

Ah, you’ll find a good starting point for a “crash course” about Musicoin’s history and debates here:


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