Vote for artist of the week- [WEEK 27]!

Hello @seveaux, and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

I see your point, but I tend to think that it’s more a question of personal ethics than one based on the Musicoin platform configuration. My 5 months-long journey through this ecosystem allowed me to discover hundreds of excellent compositors, and to send them what I esteem to have been around 2,500 $MUSIC, all based on their artistic quality, not on previous friendship relations.

On the other hand, our process here consists in building day after day a SOCIAL network, which by definition relies on weaving solidarious and like-minded ties with other artists and listeners. Therefore is it natural - and even more: desirable - than when I log in on Musicoin, apart from the recently registered artists (that I use to listen to first), Ithe second “pool” of tunes I head towards are the ones of artists I’ve learnt to know here, and who actually became friends.

Thus, beyond this particular “Artist of the Week” contest, which is important but remains a secundary event if you look at the whole Musicoin ecosystem daily activity, I’m not sure how you envision a music-promoting and retributing platform WITHOUT a huge human and affective / social / even family-driven support to each and any one of the artists?

I’m interested in knowing how in Choon they disconnect the music worth from the human networks (our “real life” friends, music teachers, fathers,) the music is born in?

I’d really appreciate if you could open a specific Forum theme about it, for us to discuss it thoroughly.


Hello @Zeljko-Stanojkovski ! I’d like to cast my vote for Junkfeathers, but don’t find the “VOTE” button. Could you add my vote to the total amount? Thanks in advance!! 🙂


@maelstrohmblack @Ijatz-Guatemala To vote just click on the profile name and hit “vote” ☺

@ijatz-guatemala That’s why I suggested split forums/sections for fans and artists’. There’s always going to be a friend/family/social media fan base, artist’s aren’t going to be able to compete, and when it comes to social media not all bought and paid for followers are bots and they still vote.

That’s why I think there should be a separation of contest’s. The artist/genre of the week should be verified musician picks. For fans, I think artist curated contests should come full front on that, we run our own contest’s and let fans get in on that, it’s a more fair construction that way. Artist’s are still going to vote for each other to reciprocate support but even that’s more fair than letting just anybody vote.

We’ll see what Admin decides though.

@zeljko-stanojkovski There was no “vote” to click on and clicking the name just brings me to the artist’s profile… o.O It’s beginning to feel like a broken record…

@maelstrohmblack If it took you to the Artist profile you clicked the wrong link. You clicked the links under “Check Artist’s Here”. You have to click the artist name above that where it lists the names to vote for. This week’s over though, try it in week 28.

I took a screenshot of week 28, click the name of your vote where the badly drawn (Lol) arrow is, and than click vote.

0_1532327678984_Vote For Artist.jpg


Hello @hydro-hellsing , @Zeljko-Stanojkovski and @maelstrohmblack! Yes, it’s right, I now see that the current voting mechanism sends us to a new page, from where we are able to vote. At first I thought it’d lead me to the artist profile, hehe.

Thanks a lot for your availability and patience! 🙂

Congrats L.S.B. !!! Never doubt the power of metal \m/(>.<)\m/

From my experience, I did have trouble voting (I voted for Ermanno) but it didn’t take me to a vote button, so i wasn’t sure if my vote counted.
The last three days I couldn’t log in with my account to reply to any posts. I could sign out and see what was being said, but I couldn’t log in and comment.

Aaaannd most importantly, this was all fixed today. 🙂 I was redirected to a message to add my email to use the forum…makes sense!
Basically, the site is improving and even though I lost 😛 I still benefited from being on the poll! I got a lot of new followers and made new friends. I am grateful!

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