Vote for artist of the week- [WEEK 27]!

** Vote for artist of the week** [WEEK 27]

Future polls will be created every Sunday 9PM UTC.
Support an artist that you like with your vote.
Click on your choice, then hit “VOTE” to register.

Check artists here
True Ingredients
Matt Nore
Ermanno Dodaro

Thank you for including me in this poll! I always love seeing the range of talent on this awesome platform! A good mix a genres too! Metal, R&B, House, Jazz, whatever I am…
I loved checking out all the artists! good luck guys!
♪ ♬ ヘ(^▽^)ノ ♬ ♪

@LSB You really have a big family.

@ivan Lol Yep… It’s times like these when I’d prefer verified musician accounts be the only voters until a separate fan forum is made. 😁

Voted for my friend and collaborator Junkfeathers … Could not tell from the feedback on the UI at that moment (?)

Hard to pick this week!

There’s a problem with the poll, it’s impossible to vote…

Thank you for including me (Matt Nore) in this poll, what an honor. And thanks to everyone who has voted for me. You guys are great! 🙂

@zeljko-stanojkovski this is exactly the reason why i lost faith in musicoin… the guys with the most friends and who gets the most people to vote them get advantage… its not about music like this and its a popularity contests like that… unfortunate but I vote for junkfeathers here… don;t know if i voted right because it was really unclear if i selected or not when i was clicking on junkfeathers… but he gets my vote… and that will be the last time for me to support someone in this way but hes good… but check choon and learn from them because thats what really is about music not about votes.

@seveaux Lol I’m thinkin more like someone created a bunch of accounts and voted for themselves but either way it’s a simple matter of letting only verified musicians vote, separate contests for fans vote can be done later when Musicoin gains more steam like that.

I still think this forum should be private access for artists’ only and a separate one for fans, or split into sections and our section be made private, the artist of the week votes should still be done by verified artists’ only even than, and have different contests’ for fans.

I tried voting several times, both using Opera and Firefox, and I don’t get the “vote” buttons on either. There is also that annoying “never-ending” login loop still going on, after first clicking the login link in the upper right, not to mention the impossibility to login the forum if I’m already logged in the main site. The only partial fix I found is to reload the page while the loop is going. These issues have been occurring for quite some time now. Will they ever be addressed? From the start, I have been one of the fiercest advocates of Musicoin, telling people: “Be patient, it’s going to improve, it’s still in beta…”, but after all this time, I myself am beginning to grow impatient. I won’t even get into the problems with the streaming site. As much as I want to keep good faith, I feel like things are dragging and I think more tech savvy staff should be hired to finally fix these, once and for all.

@maelstrohmblack I haven’t had the vote button appear for a long time, all I had to do was click the artists’ name and than vote and it worked.

As far as the login loop I’ve never once experienced that and I come here every day multiple times, there was only a few weeks I didn’t but I’ve been on often again and I still haven’t experienced that at all so it sounds like something to do with your device or browser, possibly a browser extension if you use any.

Take now for example, I posted this and scrolled up and the voting chart isn’t even there, if I refresh it it’ll probably be there but it happens sometimes, not too often though, that’s normal stuff that’s gonna happen even when the site’s out of beta, happens everywhere so it’s no worry.

Yep, I just refreshed it and voila, the chart appeared lol. It happens, could’ve been my browser though so it’s no concern really.

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@hydro-hellsing I wish it was as simple as you say it is, but it’s not. It is not possible to vote whatsoever, on either browser I use, button or not. I am a very patient man, I have attempted several different solutions, all without success, and even though I am not a coder, I am still more tech oriented than the average user. If it was only a cosmetic or superfluous problem, I obviously would have overlooked it, but it’s more than that. I don’t intervene often, I prefer observing silently, unless I feel my comment is necessary. Now It is. It makes no sense that two of the widest used browsers would have the same recurring issues with this forum. I don’t know what software you use to browse the web and I understand that from your end, it might seem breezy and nice, but my experience is quite different and, from what I have documented, many others experience similar discontent on either iteration of Musicoin. With all the competition brushing up to offer a similar product, our beloved platforms must, I am afraid, rise up to the challenge and raise the bar higher. As the first blockchain for music, it should be setting the standards, not following them. I have been a believer in Musicoin from the start and, as an Ambassador, I need to be able to present the service it offers with confidence, while knowing it will not let me down and deliver on its promise, especially now that it is not the sole player in the music blockchain field anymore.

@maelstrohmblack I use Chrome browser on PC. But really it depends on the users device/browser/add-ons. What I mean is, if you and I are on at the same time, and we’re using the same browser, but your experiencing problems that I’m not, it pretty much means it’s your device rather than a coding issue you know.

I don’t know about the forum but the main site’s still in Beta so it’s gonna have problems until that’s finished. For the forum, again, I haven’t experienced the problems your having to the degree your having them, like I said the artist box to tick hasn’t shown up for me for months, I just clicked the name and than vote and it worked, so I can’t comment on your particular problem, it could either be the forum or your device.

I will say though, if you’ve used different browsers, and are still having the same issues, than it leads me to believe even more that it’s your device rather than the forum, you could always try using a friend or relatives device just to try it out, a couple of different people’s devices in fact just to be sure.

These are just suggestions, I’m not tellin’ you your wrong about the issues, you might be right.

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