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The original lyrics and vocals were written and recorded within a few minutes one inspired afternoon. 24 hours later SamOsborn released a remix of my vocals on another one of his tracks, I then placed some ad-libs on top and this is what was created within those 36 hours

This is my first Electronic or EDM style song. I’ve started working on another one and will post that here once it’s done as well.

This my first Norwegian song and the first time I have done instrumental and vocal chopping. The consequences has been that the vocals sometimes just sounds like misconstrued rambling. Kind of sad too since the aim of the song was to fight inequality regarding racism, sexism, discrimination and extremism. The whole purpose of publishing it today was to resonate the song with 7th year anniversery of the terrorist actions that rocked Oslo & Utøya in Norway. Its all good though :).

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@Ali-Sobut the impeded player doesn’t seem to be working on your post. Could you post a direct link. I would like to listen.

Here is my latest song on here. I created this using a program called Caustic on my phone. It’s pretty amazing what you can do with technology now days.

This track is out now on the Stargazing EP and it got featured on BBC Introducing two weekends in a row so me and @DaveyHub are SO excited about that!

Here’s a write up of the EP to warm the cockles for you 😉

A collaboration of astronomic proportions between DaveyHub & Nicky Havey sees them create a perfect blend of Downtempo and Drum & Bass for those who look up at the night sky and want to delve in to the wonders of space!

The “Stargazing” EP features a pleasantly chilled track from DaveyHub (Celestial Sphere remix), setting the scene before the launch of Nicky Havey’s Dark Matter remix taking you on a Trance infused Drum & Bass ride through the galaxy.

Thanks to Raven for helping with the artwork and to the Audio Animals for mastering:

I picked up a royalty free sample pack of vocals by Elica Le Bon the other night and made this smooth downtempo song out of it.

I’m working on another song using her vocals in an electro house style. hopefully I’ll have it up in a few days.

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