New releases don't appear in timeline

I did alot subscriptions, but if that musicians upload new song it doesn't appear in my timeline.
Is it bug? Who else have this issue?


Hello @metkraming! A friend of mine, Armando Pineda, seems to be facing a similar situation.

Will talk with @Zeljko-Stanojkovski about it 🙂


Hi Make sure you have the selection on your filter to see new releases!


last release 2 months ago. In that period I missed a lot new releases



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Hi @metkraming ☺
Apparently, that feature isn't working as good as it should be. But actually, the whole feed will be redesigned in next version of the platform.

@Ijatz-Guatemala As for Armando's release, the upload process was not completed meaning there are no tracks on his profile.

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