Drum n Bass Vol.02

New dj mix uploaded still was a bit of a tinker to get live and get the contracts all on there seems to be working well now come and have a listen 🙂


Admins can you please also work out why the tracks suddenly stop at random times as it ruins the experience thanks.

And please check if the contract works for the tracks involved because the previous mix says stuff like this once played 2e-18 MC pending distribution and is pointed to the main artists accounts this mix however does not do the same so I want to make sure everyone is getting there royalties.

To make that more understandable with this mix I have pointed the royalties to the actual track as the last mix was pointed to the main artist account of each song.

@niuQuin @Zeljko-Stanojkovski @Ijatz-Guatemala Please make sure it is all working otherwise these mix's are pointless and a waste of everyone's time thankyou

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