What's up Fellow Musicoin DnB heads!

I hope you're all good and enjoying your summer (or winter if you're south of the equator) and using the platform!

For those who don't know, my name is Nicky Havey and I make Liquid Drum & Bass music with influences from the Trance genre. I also have a show every two months where I promote dnb tracks to give producers a chance to be heard by our fan base on Mixcloud - look for the "Platform Project" and you'll see my latest show alongside DJ Pi.

Now, I'm reaching out to the Drum & Bass community on here as I want to start getting involved with Musicoin podcasts to help promote you guys and get more DnB artists involved on the platform. Thanks to DJ Dark Storm for getting the ball rolling with remix contests and one of the first DnB mixes on the platform.

So, please drop a comment down below with your track and send me a downloadable link so I can get working on the May Mix!

Some T & C to be wary of:

  • I only have room for 7 tracks due to the limit of licence share numbers so I will be picking the tracks depending on how they fit in to the mix and if I feel the vibe

  • Licence shares will be allocated as follows (as per guidelines from Musicoin): 40% allocated to me for presenting, mixing and promoting. 7 Tracks split with remaining 60% share each.

  • Please share the mix on your networks (Facebook, Twitter etc) as this will help us all grow and the more listens, the more musicoins you will earn!

  • Any non-Drum & Bass tracks submitted will receive a downvote and deleted #sorrynotsorry

For your reference, listen to the previous podcast here so you know what to send in

Let's get this Summer party started!