sell MC for usd here?

I can’t get set up with bittrex or desktop wallet. I’m not a total dummy. I was able to setup metamask and coinbase for ethereum. I’m not a programmer. Here’s the question. Down the road, would it be okay for my to sell my MC for USD here?

about one year ago devs said about buymusicoin - website. ether they forget about this idea, or here is one no fulltime developer behind musicoin

I’m just really behind the curve, and tend to think it shouldn’t be so hard to access funds. I went to github, and didn’t recognize anything; it’s all foreign to me. I’m not a programmer. Also, bittrex is another challenge; no progress on getting verified and lack of communication. I was thinking of dealing one on one with someone here who wants to buy MC and make a transaction through paypal. Other than that, i’m overwhelmed with it all. I’d like to think that i’m not the only one who is confused or having trouble with it; or maybe i just need to catch up. I appreciate the efforts here, but for me, access to funds is an important aspect. I’ll swing back later and try again or try another way.

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