Please tell us exactly !!!!
  1. Is it less than one billion issues by 2020?
  2. When does the reward of the block decrease?
  3. When does posh run?

Hello @hojin-jung, and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

First thing first: let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ongoing support to this process and its platform! If I’m not mistaking, you’re one of the $MUSIC miners, thus one of the persons who in the first place allowed me (and many others Musicoiners) discover and promote a whole rainbow of promising artists, through the UBI regime, which is one of the main reasons why Musicoin left other blockchain-based streaming platforms far behind…

Now, regarding the “Ice Age” schedule and practicalities: I surely may understand that knowing when and how it’ll be implemented can impact to some extent your mining work planification… Nevertheless, what I see everytime I open the Musicoin website (i.e. everyday 😉 ) are a blossoming ecosystem, full of cooperations, international and multilingual contacts being made, artists crossing their comfort perimeters to experiment with others, more and more participation and creativity every hour, every minute… from the very vortex of a months-long bear market!!

By this I mean the following, Hojin: Proof of Sharism IS ALREADY ALIVE, right under our eyes, beyond - and even without - any specific PoS algorithm. It’s the whole Musicoin daily miracle.

Can’t it fill us with enough wonder, energies and hapiness to wait for another 6 months, or a year, before knowing how many tokens there’ll eventually be?

Let’s go on enjoying and supporting this blockchain, one of the very few to be based on beauty and human solidarity instead of on numbers. Let’s go on sharing love.

nice to meet you.
I am very worried.
Now, “musicoin” should show the indicator, not the possibility.
People mine “musicoin”, sell it to the market and buy it in the market.
With what? By “bitcoin”.
1/15 compared to peak
When purchasing “musicoin”, they admired the prospect and change of “musicoin”.
But now it is not.
Communication is not normal, and there are too many to hide.
That’s why everyone will guess.
There is a forum to announce and communicate.
our team “musicoin” mining but also music content and sw development team.
At first, we tried to prepare a business model in connection with “MusiCoin”, but now we are anxious
but I think we have to worry about other options.
So it is so depressing.
I want to tell “issac mao”.
“Greed creates a problem.”

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