How do i set up an active email?


I hover over it, and i get a red circle with a line through it (i tried to make a circle with paint). A message on the right says i need an active email to complete withdrawal. I have loads of dumb questions. I was hoping for a “newbie” forum and a bittrex forum (can’t get verified or approved. I don’t have a passport.


Not sure if it has. I was helping someone today and we had the exact same issue. Was originally authenticated with Facebook on sign up but we couldn’t add an email address.


@Stevee It can be done from “My Profile” by clicking on “Set/change your email or password” and completing the task. But we need to be sure that password meets requirements.
The password should be at least 10 characters long and must also contain one uppercase, one lowercase, one numerical and one special character. ☺

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