Looking For Collab on Black Metal Song

Hello Everyone, looking to collab on a Black Metal Song called "God Finger"
Itโ€™s a strong rock song that needs the right lyrics,
open to any changes, audio stems available.
50/50 split across the board as far as copyrights, etc.
God Finger

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Have you got the acapella stem available, Iโ€™d like to see what I can do with it if anything, I Base a lot of tracks round the acapellas rather than the other way round? So it may end up something other than metal

@ico-tec Hello Ico-Tec, thank U for replying, with this song i just have the instrumental, no lyrics at this time, however i do have other songs i would like to collab on, please send me your email info and letโ€™s see where it goes, my email: anotherbadkid@hotmail.com

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