Facebook profile vs Facebook page in the Musicoin profile.

In the Musicoin profile are shown links to my Facebook and Twitter profile, but I don’t want to redirect people to my Facebook profile, the correct and professional decision is to redirect them to the Facebook PAGE.

I understand that is necessary to use a Facebook login to authenticate my login into the Musicoin platform, but I don’t think it is necessary to make it public.

I post this with the only goal to point this out and improve the Musicoin enviroment, I have to say I’m happy with work the Musicoin team have done, and I will always be grateful for this great tool they did to all us musicians.


hello its not necessary to use a facebook login to authenticate your login to musicoin , you can use your e-mail and a password and in the fields that are there to input other social media you can input your facebook page… have you tried that?

Hello Asterios, thanks for your response.

The problem is not login into the platform, the problem is that the Facebook link shown in my profile is redirecting people to my Facebook profile, and the correct and professional way must redirect them to the Facebook PAGE.

The Facebook profile is good to friends and family (and we all know is very limited) instead the Facebook PAGES are done specially for artists or business, and since we all are artists here I think it’s the best choice for us, to grow our fanbase without limits, in Facebook this can only be done with PAGES.

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