M wallet and invite box disappears ??

Can somebody explain why when I click on the on the white > on the top right hand corner of the "My Wallet " and “Invites Left” box they both vanish ? I cannot access my wallet to transfer or send Musicoin to anybody … Check out this video which clearly shows what happens …


it called Beta stage
in near or far future we’ll see work product. Be patient

That answer offers no explanation ? How much longer are you going to keep using " Beta stage " as an excuse for everything. There is an obvious issue with my wallet , which I cannot access , so I’m looking for some intelligent technical support not the old " it’s still in beta stage " bullshit. It isn’t an issue on the whole site or more members would have posted about it in the forum so it must be a tech issue with my page. I’d appreciate some proper support and action to resolve this please.

@daveyhub don’t be silly. Musicoin team don’t have so much developers on board. Some time before I went crazy too, but now I see that team starts make some steps to improve site. It looks like they wait something, maybe they want to show at once New site, App and some other things

Maybe my text sounds stupid but we must be grateful for thing we have at the moment


@DaveyHub Please try it on Chrome(or Firefox) it should work fine. ☺

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