How many blocks does Ice Age begin?

1block = 314 reward

today last block = 2,726,897 block

Current time Circulating Supply = 856,543,016 music

Is that correct?

How many blocks does the ice age begin?

no one tell you
we ask it 1000 times, but still waiting for answer


Oh, I see
Have you ever asked “musicoin” before?

@hojin-jung I read this forum, branch on bitcointalk, twitter, discord and all I got is “we’re gonna move to PoSH in 3-4Q2018”.
But most of musicoin’s plans are always postponning. So, maybe ICE AGE’ll start in 2019 or …

But recently, “ISSAC MAO” said that by 2020 there are not more than one billion.
Approximately 1.5 million pieces are produced per day.
It will soon exceed 900 million,
Timely ICE AGEs can not be in 2019.

The Ice Age comes within a month or two.

That’s why I raised questions.

I love “MUSICOIN”.

please x 1billinon , Those who are involved in the musicoin, please talk about the ice age.

hmmmmm interesting post. I dont know anything about an ICE AGE but sounds important

@hojin-jung I love Musicoin too, but still don’t know when I’ll meet Ice Age’s squirrel

I have difficulty communicating English is poor.

Someone might have listened to me aggressively.

But there were a lot of questions.

It sought to know the future.

If there was no manners, please understand.

Based on our difficult increase formula, the Ice Age will start from around 3,000,000 :

     + parent_diff / 2048 * max(1 - (block_timestamp - parent_timestamp) / 10, -99) 
     + int(2**((block.number / 100000) - 2))

I estimate the date of block 3,000,000 and the Ice Age difficulty bomb: August 5, 2PM (CST - Chicago Time Zone)
Here is my calculation, below:
Average time to mine 1 block: 17.7 seconds
Current block number: 2,782,012
Number of blocks until 3,000,000 (3,000,000,000 - 2,782,012) = 217,988 blocks
Amount of time to mine remaining blocks: 217,988 x 17.7 seconds = 3,858,388 seconds = 44.7 days.

44.7 days from today, June 21 = August 5, 2PM CST.

I’m hopeful that the reduction in the rate of circulation increase as well as upcoming feature releases of the Musicoin platform will result in price stabilization back to the $.05-$.10 range, with long term increases to come.

@dave-postington thx, but “Isaac Mao 0” isn’t real Isaac Mao. Real Isaac Mao has @im nickname

So, maybe Ice Age won’t start at 3000000 block

have a good day

I personally don’t care how many blocks there are, when the Ice Age starts etc. as long as we are in the bear market. This is a coin that has a usable value and when you see an increase in the Total Market Cap then this coin will also have a significant growth. Until then, I can search for some nice music on this platform…

They all talk about finite number of coins but I don’t know how it’s realistic on a streaming platform… Unless dev team finds a way to get back some of the MC to be reinjected in the economy but still…

Also to be fully functional the MC price need to be way higher… Something like 100$ (to devide the number of MC by 1000 for each PPP, instead of getting 1MC per stream they get 0,001 MC)). Now its working because number os stream per day is low and steady but what if streaming goes higher and price stay low?

Just wondering around with the community 🙂

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