Withdrawal needs to be confirmed through email

Hello everyone ☺

If you haven’t noticed withdrawal of coins needs to be confirmed through your email. As it is obvious, it’s being implemented to add one more security measure to our profiles.

If anyone did not verify his email address, that can be done on profile edit section https://musicoin.org/nav/profile where you need to do the following:

  1. Go to profile edit section https://musicoin.org/nav/profile and click on “Set/change your email or password”.

  2. You will be redirected to the page where you need to enter email address and hit “SIGN WITH EMAIL” button.

  3. Then enter your password(at least 10 characters of which one must be upper case, one must be numerical, one must be alphabetical and one must be special character).

  4. Open the email and copy confirmation code, paste it into the corresponding field and hit “CONFIRM” button.
    After that, your email will be connected to your Musicoin profile and you will also be able to login using email + password.

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Good change!

CSS crashed on that page

I’m having trouble verifying my email address. Whenever I successfully verify through the system, it still seems to be unverified on my profile and I’m unable to withdraw.


Hello @zanderyatesmusic,

Your email address is verified(linked to your profile).
You should be able to withdraw, make sure to confirm transactions through email each time you send coins. ☺

hey musicoin team quick question i cant access my old email michaeldy59@yahoo.com password issues , i became a member thru musicoin with the authenticate through twitter i signed up through twitter and my old email i no longer have excess to is the one where i dont remeber the password its from a long time ago i have a new email and when i tried the instructions its saying incorrect needs help


Hi @MIKE-MORRIS , can you confirm that everything is ok now ? ☺

yesssss sir !!! so sorry about the delay thanks alot chief !

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