Musicoin events editable artwork depositery

Deaaaar Musicoiners, I'm on the verge of organizing a Musicoin presentation night in one of the Guatemalan "Alliance Francaise" (French Alliance), in the colonial town of La Antigua Guatemala.

As we're going to design a (probably basic) promotional flyer for this event, using the "CANVA" application (, which is quite intuitive and allows us to work together on a flyer, poster, giftcard, etc.), what do you think about copying here all the weblinks to our promotional files, in an editable version, for any other Musicoiner to use and improve? 🎓

A collaborative Poster would be a good idea, put a CC license (Creative Commons) with the file giving Musicoin Artists the rights to edit and submit. Have a little registry for Artists to add their names to the list of people involved and allowed to edit.

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