Musicoin Player

How can you changed Musicoins player to automatically play your song every time a visitor goes to your website

I don’t think they have Autoplay yet, I have a catalog of songs on my site so I don’t intend to use it if they add it. It’s a good Idea if people want to spotlight a track on their site though.


@hydro-hellsing Autoplay would be great if its incorporated … it would be like youtube that you can choose which video somebody sees when clicking on your page…

Autoplay is good but I can see some abuse going with it. We are lucky to make what we make from plays but people can use that to their advantage in the wrong ways with autoplay.

@volareo Yeah that too, people can visit their own site for the autoplay or do the clickbait thing, the average visit a website by mistake etc. I was also thinking that people messing with the players source code could enable autoplay, I don’t know about that though.

@hydro-hellsing definitely, these community ideas are great though… Not every idea will work but the more people come up with ideas, the more ideas will actually see the light.

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