Vote for artist of the week- [WEEK 22]!

some good stuff this week but Black Marrows clinched it


I voted for The Black Marrows
Beautiful musical discovery 🎸 🎙

hello!thank you very much for the nomination!

Some cool artist in there again this week. Good luck!

well i have listened to all the entrants and i have got to say it’s very split , my winner is miles ahead of the rest , but remember it is only my opinion but i think the GONG should go to … drum roll please !

Tiago Rubens

@ivan hey buddy , who is guitar lady ?

@Kyriaki-Vidali man thats some fantastic music. Loving it. You win you got my vote 🙂

@amphlux thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂 but also for voting me!


This time I chose!

@Toyo thank you very much for the vote

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