Hi I’m An Awkward Social from South Africa and I’d like to submit my track Smile. My view on today’s society.

Good luck everyone 🙂

@alaw gorgeous song!

@theturtleproject hey man that’s very generous of you seeing as you are in the competition too, good luck buddy !

And thank you to anybody that has voted for my track so far , i would check out your music but the notification does not tell me everybody that has upvoted it just says this person and 4 others , THANK YOU VERY MUCH whoever you lovely people are . All the best Clive -winkandwoo.

Oh, here’s a contest I can enter! Check out my song ‘While We Can’.


-Elias James

@pete-kronowitt I know I care and think it’s a good song in a traditional way too so got my vote!


@clive-fuller Just click on the number between upvote and downvote, you will see all of them ☺

@clive-fuller I know we’re biased cause we’re a close second. But isn’t this more of the Electronic Pop than Singer-Songwriter genre…? 😎 Dude!!

Cool track, though.

Super les amies je ne sais si cette chanson s’inscrit dans le répertoire mais j’aimerais la présenter pour évaluation ! Je fais de la programmation instrumentale et de l’arrangement musicale et souvent je rajoute des vois sur mes compos !! Vous pouvez écouter sur ma page le répertoire entier et me dire la quelle des chansons pourrai faire partie de votre convenance ! ! !
Merci d’avance

Hello, not sure if this fits the genre. Most of my music is a hybrid of different genres. Which is why I have never tried to enter my songs into these contests. I am a singer and a songwriter so I will let you guys decide if it fits or not. Thank you very much. I hope you will enjoy either way.

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