Let’s continue our weekly contest for song of the week.
Let this week be the week of FOLK & SINGER-SONGWRITER (all sub-genres are welcome)!

Show us your tracks in this genre!
Let’s see/hear some nice tracks from our library.

Here’s how this should work:

  1. Nominate only your own track(s) by posting URL here on this topic.
  2. We would like to hear some new, quality tracks from you so releases should not be older than 2 months(on our platform).
  3. The track should be in the genre/style which is set for the current week. Those tracks totally out of the genre will be rejected.
  4. We will have different genre every week.
  5. Upvoting the post will be the way of voting.
  6. A reward for the winner will be 1000 MC.
    In case we have two or more posts/tracks with the same number of votes the oldest post will be a winner.

Voting will end on Sunday 6/17 at 9pm UTC.

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Cool! I’d like to share ‘Zoals Liefde’, a song written in my native language (Dutch) with two dear friends, both member of the singer-songwriter forum I run ( The Songwriter Kitchen, it’s here: ). The kitchen is about being independent (and non-professional) songwriters, and a lot of us love the ‘folk’ genre. That’s why I love to share this track here.
It’s called ‘Zoals Liefde’ (Like Love) and it tells a tale about true love… seen from the perspective of a melting pear-ice-cream… Yes, really! No, really? 😉


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Hi People Hope you like this track Typical singer songwriter stuff by me … winkandwoo

Check out my song “Human Music” and the animated music video that I made for it=) Much Love! #WeAreNameless #WeAreOne

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Oh man, oh man, oh man!! Folk & singer-Songwriter, indeed!! 🙂

Here we go with our “Night in June” (it’s always grand to share this music in June…!):

You can also check out Music Video here:

Long live the Musicoin!

Why Monkey

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@mar-t don’t get the lyrics, but that’s a good song!! ☝

Dr. Greed by me, L F Antenna! Definitely started as a folk singer songwriter piece then got a little more production. I hope you like it! Musicoin is already better than Spotify or Youtube to me!

Here’s a Youtube link like some posts above, but of course we’d all prefer if you play it from Musicoin!!!

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I know nobody cares about political songs these days but here’s the title track from my last album, ‘A Lone Voice.’ This song is certainly a nod to Sam Cooke’s iconic civil rights song but written to celebrate those who speak out and make a difference even when faced with consequences.

[](link url)

Here’s one of my favorites. It’s kind of traditional acoustic and strings with some quirky lyrics about lost love.

“Cashmere Sweater”


I know the rules used to be that you could only ever enter one of these competitions but I can’t find anything about that in the post?

If that is the case then please ignore this but if not here are my entries:

Exorcise You
0_1528867512182_Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 06.24.40.png

First up is a collaboration I did remotely with an awesome couple from Australia called “Peter & Ella” titled “Exorcise You”:

Summer sun (Reprise)

0_1528868809610_Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 06.45.32.png

And secondly a short track of mine that is a
reprise to a song I posted a few month ago:

Thanks and good luck everyone!

Here is a traditional sea shanty in the Welsh Language - mwynhewch! Enjoy!

Somewhere is an original song written by The Cruel Horizon, singer-songwriter and musician of a one man band. The song is about the insanity of terrorists atacks and worldleaders.
Featuring Mies: vocals and clarinet, PeeBee: saxophone,
The Cruel Horizon: vocals, drums, keyboard (midi bass), electric guitar, 6 and 12 string guitar.

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