Musicoin Music Video Contest?

Just gonna throw it out there… would love to see a Musicoin Music Video Contest=) I’m sure people have some awesome videos for the tracks they have released here. Much love! #WeAreNameless

Here is my entry to this non-existent contest…

great idea, although I believe they are working on a video platform to compliment their already awesome audio platform. But just the same here is my latest.

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here’s my latest promo. All low budget DIY!

Just watched the vid, really cool, I also subbed to your channel and commented as Quint S Ence. Awesome vid and track.

Yes, excellent idea. I love the combination of music and visual arts.

Wow great! I like this initiative. Here is a guitar playthough from one of my songs 🙂

@bigshoe loving the improv vibes! very artistic expression like listening to an amazing painting=)

@quint-s-ence such sweet summer vibes loving it ma dude!

@p-o-f wow that was a trip dude=) loving the guitar riffs and the visuals just put you on a journey!

@seven-epigonus hell yeah! brutal dude! gonna have to check out more of your songs absolutely love me some good metal=) oh and the playthrough video is spot on I truly enjoy a well filmed/edited technical video like that

@seven-epigonus This is so dope!

@iamnicknames Thank you! Glad to know it was effective 🙂

@asterios-papastamatakis Thank you! Cool

great vid and music!

Great video, love the track

@bigshoe Great vid and track nice and smooth. Also subbed to your channel and commented and liked the video on YouTube.

@p-o-f Excellent Vid, enjoyed the video and music. Also went over to your channel, comment and liked the video and subbed to your channel.

@seven-epigonus Top class, went over to your channel subbed, commented and liked the vid. Well done Nice video.

@quint-s-ence @Asterios-Papastamatakis Many thanks for the upvote. I’m really not interested in winning the contest moreso getting to know a few people here on the forum and also on the YouTube Platform. It’s a shame there aren’t more posts in this thread.

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