I have a question...

Hey guys, I have a question for the admins or indeed anyone that is able to answer this question for me. I joined a remix website, the rules for every remix vary, some permit uploading what you do in whole or part to any and/or as many music sharing platforms as we like so ling as the original artist is credited in the remix... and thats my question, theres rules here in muscoin basically stating that we cant upload any licensed samples on our work... but if the rules of using the remix parts state we can upload o any platform where do muscoin staff stand with that? would i be allowed under the conditions of the original?


Hello @Ico-Tec
Can you please point me to the site(just in case) so I can give you adequate answer โ˜บ

remixpacks.ru ... some of them are licensed to personal use or the label but others have a fair share policy

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