ReadyMade Memories need You.....

to listen to one of our songs help me with a genre. I don’t really know where we fit. We are a two piece electric rock group. We would love the help. I put one of our songs down as electronic folk but I don’t think of folk when I hear us. I just really need help explaining our music to others. Thank you for your time. I usally say we are a mix of postal service and smashing pumpkins.

Much Love!


can you post here your link of the song? 🙂

Sorry I was on break at work when I posted that. Thank you for posting back!


Also the song should be under ReadyMade Memories but I guess I messed up when uploading it.


I really enjoyed listening to that.

Well delivered, great vocals and arrangement.

For me, if anything the genre is Alternative Rock. I wouldn’t get to bogged down by that though. Just keep on writing and producing good songs.

Keep up the good work.


I just heard the song, it’s great! I would categorize it as garage rock, but I also think you guys should just care about making the music -the labeling and all that stuff is usually the job of the critics 😉 It’s a cool feeling when you don’t know how your music “fits in”, that means you’re on the right path. That’s how I feel about my own songs and I’m rather glad. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your feed back and taking a listen! We are working on more. Musicoin is an great idea for artist.


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