Can't upload songs


after the licence section I press next and it tells me to wait but nothing happens even if I wait 5 hours.

@antti-vainionpää That happened to me a few times, I just had to refresh the page and re-upload, if that doesn’t work try cleaning your browser, delete the cookies/browsing history etc. If none of that works try a different browser.

@hydro-hellsing I tried to upload with Firefox, Chrome, and Opera with no luck. It’s good to know that the problem doesn’t occur 100% of the time.


@Antti-Vainionpää You should not wait more than 10-15 minutes. It should be pretty successful, (unfortunately) not at 100% rate all the time but close to that. Can you tell us please if you still have this problem? ☺

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Hey I have the same issue. I cleared my browser history and cookies and retried 3 times already.

In the Chrome dev console I can see the following error repeatedly:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 502 ()
send @ jquery-3.1.1.js:9536

and this exception:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
at DOMEval (jquery-3.1.1.js:82)
at Function.globalEval (jquery-3.1.1.js:348)
at text script (jquery-3.1.1.js:9576)
at ajaxConvert (jquery-3.1.1.js:8721)
at done (jquery-3.1.1.js:9192)
at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (jquery-3.1.1.js:9484)
at Object.send (jquery-3.1.1.js:9536)
at Function.ajax (jquery-3.1.1.js:9143)
at Function.jQuery._evalUrl (jquery-3.1.1.js:9304)
at domManip (jquery-3.1.1.js:5779)

Hope that helps…

I am also struggling today to upload a new track , goes through to the last stage of confirmation then just sits there.
Thanks for any help 🙂

thank you for fixing my track has slid through now 🙂


@Thomas-Mallek I see some fresh releases on your page, do you still have troubles? ☺

If you get chance could you please look at my new one it got stuck on bad gateway and looks like its doubled the mp3 dont want to flood it 🙂

Hi, I think this has also happened to me when uploading a track. Everything seemed to go fine up until the processing page and then it just seemed to sit there. I hit the back button and hit submit again, and left it for around half an hour. I then closed the page, logged out and tried again. This time it was confirmed after around 15 minutes, but now the track has been published 3 times.

I have gone onto my profile and selected to delete the two extra tracks, but this doesn’t seem to be taking effect. I have also tried to upload a third track and it is also taking a long time, but I do see that it is uploading on my profile page so I guess it is just taking longer than usual to confirm the transaction on the blockchain.

@bret-mcgrath-0 Thats why I havent retried until admin can have a look or ill end up with a profile of 100 of same track lol

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