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Hello musicoiners i have an idea to share… : if everybody can read a post i share in facebook or twitter from the forum without being logged in musicoin why not use only the forum to post and share anything and everything we want without using third party platforms like medium (that banned me) etc ?? that way if somebody wants to reply or interact will have to log in or sign up … also a good way to bring new people in… 🙂




@asterios-papastamatakis Of course it is.
However, for the purpose of promotion now, “SNS” such as “Twitter” “Facebook” etc. is effective.
As for this, we have to think about with a little bit.


@Asterios-Papastamatakis It’s a very good idea, I thought the same thing.
With all the blockages of social networks it may be an advantage for Musicoin to bring people here. ☺

sounds good to me , and maybe musicoin could really update the forum into a new kind of platform so we can embed our creations and they can be played and tipped straight from this page , can we embed here already ? i haven’t tried .
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@giorgos-frangiskos i posted musicoin FQA that is in the greek section here in the medium platform and for some reason that they still didn’t get back to me my account is restricted…


Yes!!! all must be publish in the forum and then shared from here, lets do it that way. ❤

I still think there should be a separate forum for listeners, we don’t want the forum crowded with Artists’ and fans, that’s bad business all around lol. It would be an overload for moderators and probably a concern with artists’ as far as trolls/personal attacks/crazy ass piece of crap stalkers etc. Could bring in bots as well.

Personally I don’t even think anyone should be able to view the forums except artists’, especially now after this Roseanne Barr saga, not that people on here are racist, but people are judging online presence and every little statement regardless of humor or intention, plus people are quick to misinterpret or completely take out of context comments.

And than of course like comedy, music is something untamed as it should be, but people will make demands to the site regardless of a forum for any lyrics/artist they don’t like. The world’s a changin’ lol people messed around and opened Pandora’s Box so expect a lot of backlash for every little thing.

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@hydro-hellsing Maybe in the future some area can be reserved only for verified artists if such threats occur, but let’s keep it like this at least for now ☺

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