Have to be logged in to play

I just figured out why it plays on different browsers sometimes and sometimes not.
If im not logged in musicoin, it wont start the embedded player 🙂


@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman can you try share a post from the forum to facebook and see if you can read it if youre not logged in musicoin ?


I also know.
If I am not logged in
In rare cases it can be played.
However, it takes about 1 minute to play.

If I am not logged in
I often can not play with “twitter”.
Embedding of “my homepage” is not displayed even.

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@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman I think that it is still improving.
Let’s wait patiently. 🙂

Just done a quick test on edge and the embedded player would not load any track unless I signed in to my account that is a huge nono thanks for spotting that @MJMoonbow-aka-Tinman

And would also explain why noone can play any of my shares 😞

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Yes, it’s a known issue. Will be solved soon ☺

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