Site is down for over 12 hours now?!

Are you serious about this? You keep the site down for so long? I’m losing all my faith in this project, and probably will lose all my hard earnings for the last 6 months if you continue like this … This is totally unprofessional and unacceptable.

Are you being serious?

The site is in Beta, which means it’s not a 100% polished product yet.

Facebook even goes down from time to time, and look at the $BILLIONS they have behind them! I can only assume the guys developing the site are doing it either on a shoestring budget or no budget at all, without the help of a whole buildings worth of devs working on it!

Have faith, and a little patience…


@devilair is right, be patient and help devs do their hard work of improving the platform every day, you loose when youre not patient when you are you only gain in longterm 🙂

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