Can I Help You ?

Ok here goes I have lots of ideas and really want this platform to succeed they may or may not have been suggested or are already in progress and I may be a little rude as I am not the best with words but lets give it a shot.

Coinomi 🙂
You need to get onto changelly and shapeshift to get Music on the fast exchange for any of the other coins and tokens they offer.

They had a simple vote based system before to add new coins so have a look into that as people need a way to fast exchange there coins without getting confused by signing up to confusing places like cryptopia and bittrex.

We can then set up a community forum post asking everyone to come and vote so they now have Music straight on there phone and can trade with lots of other coins they may be more interested in or have much lower fees than btc.

I also cannot find on Jaxx so it would be good to give them a shout and added to there mobile app to.

It would also be a great idea to get added to barterdex for the experienced traders who do not want to use a middle man or get charged more fees.

Plus I can only see music is paired with btc at present and that is a huge problem in itself.

Second idea :

Mobileness the player needs to work fast on mobile devices before you even think about releasing the app in todays world people want things there and then and if they cannot quickly have music autoplay at them they will not want to jump through hoops signing up for accounts and installing apps until they really get used to the idea of crypto plus crypto being paired with music it is very confusing for the average person or music professional to deal with.

Third Idea

The player again you need to set up a way to fast skip I think this has been suggested but maybe only start the payment contract once the song has been played for around 45 seconds.

For instance I go to my new favourite artists page play a few songs and I really like them and then this one song i’m not to keen on and the next one isnt my kinda thing either if I skip at present I will be greeted with whiteness and nothing will work for ages so I loose interest and do not recommenced using this again as I am used to soundcloud etc.

Playlists this is also a problem with the above
I know we can make our own makeshift playlists but there needs to be a way on site you currenty have one for every artist can this not be combined with checkbox’s next to each track to be added to the already built in playlist?

Track only playing on focused tab so if you are trying to check your email or anything else you need to do you currently switch tab and the musicplayer breaks trying to load the song.I can already hear complaints about this and I can see this is also a way of anticheat but same as I said up there people have no patience any more and with all the new competition incoming you really need to think about this.

There needs to be a way to see all your followers and also a way to unfollow people fast this is what people are used to now and is a great way for artists to engage and follow there followers back if they are also musicians etc.

Notifications of replies to replies I really like the system at present it would also be great like on the forum here to have a little notification when somebody posts something on your page or track but currently there is no way of knowing if someone has replied to your reply unless you go the the conversation itself and expand it all or I think they may also come up on your main feed but that goes so fast sometimes it often gets missed.This needs to be looked at because if you do not reply it could come across as rude and then you lose a fan etc.
Maybe for now just add to the email notif like we already get but for replies of replies too if that makes sense

What else was there 😛

I want to thank you for adding the classified section to the forum and I am not sure many people have noticed it yet but this also needs a kind of feedback main post on there so sellers and buyer can get rated and build trust for future sales.
Also would be a good idea if people offer small things for sale to start like signed stuff and digital things that can be quickly transferred online to build reputation for the big items they would like to sell.

There is a few more things I wanted to mention and also wanted to say sorry if I have come across rude but you have competition now and already have things in the pipeline brewing so I would hate to see all your efforts be unnoticed by many now the competition has seen the way and no doubt trying to improve on things that are not in place here already.

I have lots of experience with trading etc and do not care about money or anything like that as you can see from my previous as I have given away more than I earned and I am not bothered if music is worth a fraction of a penny or several pounds per coin but 99% of everyone else is so I base my ideas on that. I am happy to give my advice for free and hope it does help some I know the devs have been very busy but on this side all we have noticed its a new landing page and a change of colour on the embedded player with multiple disruptions again not many people will tell you this either but I am me and honest and do not care for money fame or popularity so again i really hope this helps as you can tell me about the roadmap and whitepaper etc but I have seen all that so many times as they say the proof is in the pudding.

Also another thing that has been overlooked is you already have very big names in the industry on the platform that have gone unnoticed by many so it would also be very cool if we can get this ball rolling faster so they stay here and support more instead of moving on to the next platform that pops up and supporting someone else.

Feel free to delete this post ban me or anything but I had to get this off my chest as I really do support you guys and want everything to succeed I have spent a lot of time and energy here and would really like to still be part of the future of musicoin but my current situation means I cannot give much time or energy into really helping out plus you already have the skills, manpower and capital to make this work.

Thanks again and all the best for the future I hope this post is alot more positive than it comes across and helps at least a tiny bit 🙂

P.S if you would like to chat to me about anything or would like more ideas let me know I would be happy to help when I have time I just find it hard getting the ideas out in writing and really hope that the incoming updates have most of this already sorted out and go live very soon.


Let’s start with the first one! @niuQuin who can answer to this first request?
Coinomi 🙂
You need to get onto changelly and shapeshift to get Music on the fast exchange for any of the other coins and tokens they offer.



man. you wrote many ideas here and i think that devs already have them in mind and they are working on the priority ones first… i know its a difficult task and everything needs time… soon the mobile app is going to be there in the end of the summer and everything will be working fine… from the other hand you mentioned other platforms i hear about them iv searched but what i see till now there are just ideas or simple sign up platforms there no working and alive platforms based on blockchain like musicoin and very important for me there is no other forum for users like we have here… so i think we gonna see changes /refine/ and ‘‘fine tuning’’ of musicoin and always there are going to be updates… you never know whats going to happen in the future of-coarse but longterm i believe musicoin is going to rule… 🙂


also guys, cryptopia and bittrex is very simple if you get to know a little bit how markets work… of coarse not all musicians are gonna know about stuff like that but where is change you have to adapt… im 45 and still in the last 5 months iv learned how to trade and how things work… in 15 years kids will consider trading and markets as an everyday thing… even now i know kids that they see youtube like an old thing of their parents…xaxaxaxa

Thanks guys I know lots is in the works and the team are working hard plus it can be easy to use exchange if you are willing to send your id to some unknown company on the internet. But its is very hard for the average as I have tried to get family and friends involved but as its a big cumbersome process changing crypto to real fiat and that is all they seem to care for and until they can actually spend there crypto on a real product.

Also I have 3 children and they cannot understand any of it either my oldest is also a very good pianist and I have asked her if she would like to make music to sell for musicoin and she had a little look and got so confused about it all she lost interest completely.

Yes there are other working platforms and they are getting very close to complete products to but like you said and I said earlier musicoin is the most established and already has a huge community with working forums and hubs to communicate with the team and all the other artists.So I wanted to make sure maybe an extra push will help keep things on the right path as all the hype has calmed down now and everyone I meet who sees my posts about my music says to me I tried to listen to your music but it did not do anything which is very frustrating for not only them but me too makes me wonder why I bother to share if nobody can actually hear and this has caused the roll on effect for them not to even try for any new songs or shares.

Thank you again no more negative ninny from me I just wanted to let it known what its like out there for real listeners etc and crack my whip a little cccctssshhhh hehe have a fantastic week and thank you for taking the time to come and read my suggestions and your replies 🙂

Off to listen to more amazing music 😄 wooo till next till,


@DeeJay-DarkStorm Thank you, this is a very good set of suggestions ☺

Thanks m8 I want to help where I can and would take on coding if I had time but very burnt out atm and I am sure you already got it all covered 🙂 Hit me up anytime if you would like any more suggestions I know they are just one persons opinions but hope they do help even a tiny bit.

Thanks again to all the team and all the artists/musicians enjoy the rest of the week.
Peace DS


@DeeJay-DarkStorm Everything helps, ideas and suggestions are welcome ☺

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