An idea for the musicoin website devs

I want to throw out there a simple idea for an aesthetic the website could have in the future.

I think the color palette of the various website elements (backgrounds, boarders, text etc.) should be dark and muted colors. Larger more prominent elements being dark and smaller less prominent elements such as text being something that stands out easily without being overbearing to the eyes.

Bright stark white backdrops may be a commonplace thing for the internet but I firmly believe that it can cause eye strain and may make it a bit harder to read text. A black background with white text completely solves this issue for me personally.

Keeping to this idea might help musicoin stand out more as well as possibly be more visually appealing to navigate. I think this idea, if considered, should be applied to both the music side and the forum side of musicoin.

Perhaps in consideration for other people’s tastes, an option for individual users to change the visual theme of musicoin from a small set of presets including a dark theme would be viable. Though I suspect that this requires more sophisticated coding than just having a single theme.

Rule of thumb in this idea of mine is to avoid using white or bright backgrounds for most or all visual website elements.

That’s pretty much all I have to say in this.

To any musicoin devs who might read this, thank you for reading and I hope you find this idea to be viable enough to take into consideration.

last edited by Sebastian Smith

nice ideas sebastian… i think in the future we will be able to maybe change themes and personalize our profile in musicoin but devs work on priorities right now like uploading the new site testing and release of the mob app in the summer so we have to wait a little for big changes , every change is going to be for the improvement of the service and for now were going step by step… 🙂 cheers from athens

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