Listener interface

I hope that a new interface for the listener is in the works. A present, it is about as intuitive as brain surgery with a spoon and a roll of gaffer tape.

For Musicoin to succeed, a listener should be able to go to a page and be able to select and listen as easy as the countless online radio stations and streamers.

I can click Smooth Jazz and be listening in a matter of seconds. When I first logged in to MC, I honestly had no clue what I was looking at. Not intuitive at all.

Just about the oddest interface I have seen.

I like the entire concept of MC and wish it to succeed, not just because of miners. When a user logs in to listen to music, they should have to ;figure out NOTHING.

Consider as a new user first login for the following:
Search For My Favorite Tracks If I am a new user, I don’t have any favorite tracks. I know nothing about the site. I have no clue what is here. There interface tells me little to nothing. I saw two links on My Feed. What is My Feed?
I enter a category in Search. It shows all the categories. I enter a different category. It shows all the same categories again…

Again, as a musician, I wish this project to succeed. If a listener cannot figure out your interface within seconds, chances are they won’t come back. It must be easy to understand, easy to navigate, and must be intuitive…

Just some observations and opinion. Hope to see it grow…


Hi there ☺
Yes, a new interface is in development. I agree that this one is not intuitive enough.


Thanks for the reply. I hope to see an interface such that folks [ want ] to come here and listen to original music because it is easy to navigate and quick.

Interface must generate interest.
Interest will generate traffic.
Traffic will generate business.

Thanks again for the reply…

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I think the amount of activity on the current interface proves the high demand. Imagine when we do have that ‘perfect’ interface

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