tracks on Twitter don't play

Recently, my friends often tell me that the links to my tracks on Twitter do not play. In fact, it is.
Is this a temporary phenomenon? Or is this decision made by the developers?

I’m early on this but I am guessing this is temporary. Probably improvements are being made to this player. Every time something doesn’t work quite right it comes back stronger. For example, the website and the forum 🙂

While all is not better. The track plays, but everything is very bad with the display. For example, a track can not be paused because the buttons escape into an invisible zone. At first everything looks decent:

alt text

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Wow! Already better! Previously, the picture looked cooler, but now it’s good too. The main thing is that it already works! Now it looks like this:

alt text


Thanks for your precise feedback George (@spidola)!

This is the only way for our common platform to improve - communicating and cooperating between devs and artists 🙂

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