Hi guys, I’m now here to upload my stuff that i made the last half year discovering hiphop and urban musicstyles I’ll kick this one of with a collaboration between me, who made the beat , and 2 of my considered dopest rappers i found on the blockchain. I did to ouploads… since the original instrumental is that much different than the one with the vocal… both awesome…
Check it out and let me know if its dope because i have a bunch of projects going on that is going to lead me towards wanting to make beats for every MC out their… Lets work all together… contact me if you are interested 🕶

Ill drop their referals later i really must go now else i come to late.
Check out [link text](link url)willy G and Jamesgetsit on steemit


Original instrumental :


With james and Willy G : https://musicoin.org/nav/track/0x11299d2afc8b85aef57b9a86ac0489f62702c38b

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