Roadmap V2 - questions

Hi Musicoin team,

Thank for sharing your new roadmap it’s getting clearer of where you want to go, great work ! And with all the new stuff since the beggining of the year (new website, hardfork, new wallet etc…), we can see that there is some hardworking people behind the project!

I still have few questions regarding the roadmap :

1- It says first millionaire / Billionaire Muscians are you talking in USD ? or in M$ ?
2- You introduced some intresting stuff but never talked about it before can you tell me what are those referring to please? Life pass (Web app), Musician franchise, sync licence, streaming server( hardware?), musician station ?
3- Is the open plateform already open ? The timeline is a nice way to get visual effect but it’s hard to see actual dates and deadlines.
4- have you planned to release more accurate date or time frame for all the features (quarter or months)?
5 - Have you still planed to release the ice age around Q4 2018 ? and if so how many coins should we expect around 2020?

Thanks and keep doing the great work



some quick answers:

  1. it depends on which one values more by then, if we got first millionaire on MC, it may be not so significant, but I doubt if people choose USD when there’s a billionaire appears.
  2. Life pass is about a subscription model, not monthly, but lifelong one to buy a membership forever with one time payment(e.g. 10k MC); Musician franchise is to help musicians sell other musical products(instruments, personal collections, autographs, etc.) More others to be explained soon.
  3. We are yet to open the platform to all developers, currently, there are 2-3 partners working with it in stealthy mode.
  4. Yes, more concrete plans to be shared time by time.
  5. “Ice age” will be removed together with the introducing of PoSh, with current version of blockchain, the coin supply won’t exceed 1billion by 2020.

hope these help.

nice to meet you !!

The initial musique coin was innovative and fun.

But the innovation and fun was due to the block chain.

If a particular software technology is not an advantage, you need an innovative business model.

I love and support music coin

But, I am feeling very disappointed these days.

It seems to be a financial operation force.

It makes all those who support it helpless.

@hojin-jung said in Roadmap V2 - questions:

nice to meet you !!

The initial musicoin was innovative and fun.

But the innovation and fun was due to the block chain.

If a particular software technology is not an advantage, you need an innovative business model.

I love and support musicoin

But, I am feeling very disappointed these days.

It seems to be a financial operation force.

It makes all those who support it helpless.

Thanks @Isaac-Mao for your input on my questions.

I love where this is going!

@hojin-jung I kindly disagree. This is, on the contrary, a very useful application of the blockchain technology and what do you mean with “innovative business model”?

==> It’s free for users and artists gets as 3 times more than on other streaming platforms… I don’t know what more you can expect from a streaming service.

We as a community need to be patient but what the team and Isaac just told us is very promising.



Hello @hojin-jung, nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

Could you explain what has led you to such a radical diagnostic? (Musicoin lacking of an innovative business model, and being above all a financial operation).

Good questions. Overall would like to compliment the team on the clarity of their vision as represented in the roadmap. Congratulations 🙂 Now lets get it done

There is no suggestion about the value of recovered coins among the problems that most block chains have.

1 .Roadmap 2.0 also worries about replacing mining
(Mining on a streaming device has become a common expression now. If so, this is a complete disappointment.)
This roadmap was too general.

  1. After all, is it a streaming coin?
    (Do you really think it’s more competitive than YouTube?)

  2. Do you see only a rise in the value of coins for a limited coin?
    (When you turn around, somebody will have a bomb and the creators will suffer the greatest damage. .)

  3. We do not have a vision for spreading and converting value, we are talking only about general business models.

  4. You need to be convinced about the intrinsic value of the coin before you can proceed with your business model
    But we have no will to spread, no publicity, no independence in technology.

I have minced the musicoin from the beginning and it is a supporter who had a lot of thought about the possibility and development of musicoin erc token.

I’m tired now.
The price of the coin is not a problem, but the progress of the Musicoin, which is getting worse, makes me tired.

I hope it will not become a scam coin in the short term.

Do not think only of you, but you have to work a little harder for cheering people and producers.

thank you


I advise you not to compare this project to other blockchain projects. It seems to me you aren’t using the word music. listener and musician in your worries, and I would like to remember that the heart and soul of this project are musicians, miners and listeners, with an enourmous help of the developers.


Why musicoin was popular ?

  1. Decentralized platform (block chain) *
  2. Musicians’ Financial Stability *****
  3. Fair distribution of creators (smart contract)

These are the most important items.
Most block-chain projects are based on similar content.
This realizes social value through fair sharing of work.

If you are not competitive compared to other similar projects, the musicians (creators), miners, investors, and developers who have already participated become harder.

Projects similar to Musicoin are constantly emerging and are coming to market with ready-made hardware and software. Listeners, of course, are free to listen to and are designed to use the coin.

If the value of the Musicoin falls, there will be problems with the rewards of the promised creators, and investors and mining entities will also have problems.

Unlike expectations, work is getting slower and limited, and there is doubt as to whether it is capable of running this project.

The only group that does not get hurt is the group of developers.

That is why I ask for the effort.

It was a passionate music block chain that started out as a project with social value.

But what is the reason? Almost all transactions are being done only on bittrex (as you know), limited to promotional and promotional activities, and are constantly losing competitiveness.

This is like any other scam coin.

I have been a mining musicoin, invested in Bitrex, and an avid supporter who carefully prepared to develop the token of Musicoin.

Please, do your best for the success of your project.


Look, I am a musician, not a miner or investor or an crypto economy expert, but regarding the competitiveness I think it’s quite obvious that the fluctuation is linked to the value of bitcoin…unfortunately, and not because of any other activity or problem…

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your concern and your will to make this a valuable project.
I don’t have doubts that this project has very capable persons behind it and I know they are working hard to address all your concerns.

i’m sorry

There will be a good thing.

I think I was worried too much.

Have a nice day

I think just like every miners @hojin-jung is worried as where the project is going and it takes too much time to take off compare to other similar project who comes with platform fully working. The only difference here is that other project are ERC20 Tokens and Musicoin is a minable coin.

I have no doubt in the project as well, I think it’s a small group of dev but fully committed. And as soon as the value of musicoin will rise (just like @Soundphaser
said it’s linked to the well being of bitcoin), they will be able to afford new team members (as part as the dev fee every miner contribute to).

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