Musicoin Roadmap 2.0

Podem consultar o Roadmap 2.0 em português no SteemIt ou no Medium! Podem consultar igualmente a versão original em inglês aqui!


@soundphaser said in Musicoin Roadmap 2.0:


good job man.. im a litlle behind but in two days ill do the greek too. 🙂

Greco Italiano una faccia una razza.

We should organize the first musicoin meeup in Athens? What do you think @Asterios-Papastamatakis

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Thanks @Asterios-Papastamatakis. Fortunately I started translating immediately after Isaac shared the document 🙂

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@musicoin-italia that would be great , i wish it could happen in greece 🙂


Thaaanks @Soundphaser for this quick translation 🙂

A question: perhaps I'm on my way to blindness (hehe), but the only Roadmap 2.0 I don't find here (nor on "Medium" or any other website) is... the original version, the English-written one 😛

Would you have a link to that one?


@Ijatz-Guatemala I have also a link to the original version (click on the last word on my text 🙂


Thanks @soundphaser! During my first two readings of your message the hypertext link wasn't showing (all the letters remaining black and non clickable), maybe due to the Forum's offline moments 🙂

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