Yes i have had trouble logging in and now have a new Forum profile , i don’t know why but hey , I know musicoin is busy updating , so i’t all good no worries . so now this is winkandwoo’s new forum profile please disregard the last one i was using , if it still exists ?! and a quick reminder to go check out my page peeps ! https://musicoin.org/nav/artist/0x36fd6af6e769df786fc4da11e37516ef7d6ce9df
All the best to my fellow musicians out there , Clive x


@clive-fuller-0 Hi Clive
Can you try this:

  1. Log out from musician profile
  2. Go to forum
  3. Click login…you should be redirected to musicoin.org sign up page…if it’s not done automatically just reload the page if you get stuck on a blank page after clicking on the login
  4. Choose google there.
  5. It will redirect you to the forum and hopefully, you should be logged to your old account. ☺

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